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Kyber138 – MOON KNIGHT Premiere Review!

– OBI WAN… moved to May 27, but with 2 episodes
– MORBIUS reviews are bad!
– E3 Cancelled
– Academy Awards (not the slap)

– Becker: Wolverine x Halo collaboration
– Diaz: 28 DAYS LATER, LONE WOLF & CUB vol. 4

MAIN TOPIC: After what seemed like a long, long wait, Marvel’s MOON KNIGHT has finally debuted! Of course, Michael and Joe have thoughts. Joe is new to the character, but Michael has been a fan since he found old issues of the comic from the 80s in a quarter bin 30ish years ago. Does the show hold up for both of them? Listen in and find out!

Before that, the team takes on episode four of …PICARD, which both of them are enjoying, but let’s just say that some of the writing is a bit heavy-handed. ‘Nuff said!

What did you think of MOON KNIGHT & STAR TREK: PICARD? Leave a comment down below!

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